Racists cut Nazi/KKK slogans into kids’ play area after attacks

Racist graffiti cut into the children’s grass play area


‘The decent people of Finglas are disgusted and appalled by these incidents’

RACISTS responsible for two separate attacks which left two men injured in recent weeks may have cut a large Nazi swastika and the initials of the Ku Klux Klan into a children’s grass play area in Finglas on Dublin’s northside.

The Nazi/KKK slogans appeared in the past week near the Tolka Valley Road, alongside one of the Dublin suburb’s main bus routes.

Local Sinn Féin Councillor Anthony Connaghan told An Phoblacht:

“A member of Sinn Féin Republican Youth spotted the racist vandalism early on Thursday morning and contacted me. I immediately got on to Dublin City Council to have the offensive slogans removed.

“The decent people of Finglas are disgusted and appalled by these incidents. There is absolutely no place in society for this type of racism and intolerance.”

Local residents have raised their concerns about racist attacks in the area with local elected representatives and the Garda at a recent meeting of the Finglas Safety Forum.

Anyone with information about the attacks or any other racist activity are urged to contact the Garda directly and without delay.

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