PPS case against anti racism activist Barbara Muldoon is set to go to a full hearing in July

May 10 2013

Anti-Racism Activist to go on trial on July 10th

Barbara Muldoon, an anti-racism campaigner, who faces criminal charges for taking part in a protest in 2009, has failed in her abuse of process application today at Laganside court.

The case against her is scheduled for hearing on July 10th.

The abuse of process was mainly based on the delay by the Public Prosecution Service in taking the case forward. Many observers have noted that the time lapse between arrest of Ms. Muldoon in 2009 and the hearing of the case is extraordinary.

A spokesperson for Ms. Muldoon’s campaign team said;

“The PPS has claimed that it is high in the public interest to pursue this case. However, we would argue that in view of the time lapse of almost three years in bringing the case forward, the effort put into charging Ms. Muldoon and the cost of pursuing this case means that it is clearly not in the public interest to progress with it. Across the world millions rose up in arms against fascism and we will be eternally grateful to them. Barbara Muldoon raised her voice against fascism and the PPS takes this course of action?”

“A few years ago Belfast was labelled the race hate capital of the world. Concern has been expressed for a number of years about the low number of convictions for racist attacks. What message will it send out if the criminal justice system does not punish those who commit race hate crimes but is totally committed to punishing those who stand up against racism”.

Ms. Muldoon would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have supported her till now and asks for that support to continue.In the coming weeks as the date of her trial approaches we will be asking people the following question ‘Do you think it is in your interest for the PPS to prosecute Barbara Muldoon?’


Notes to Editors

A range of groups and individuals, including well known human rights advocates, trade union leaders, academics and campaigners are still calling on the Director of the Public Prosecution Service at this stage to withdraw a criminal charge against the anti-racism campaigner for her involvement at an anti- racism protest which took place in Belfast on 22 October 2009.

Barbara’s MP Paul Maskey and MLA Anna Lo have signed the petition. Brian Campfield General Secretary NIPSA, Eugene Mc Glone, President of ICTU as well as comedian Mark Thomas and singer Damien Dempsey have added their names in protest. More MLA’s have voiced their support and we are confident that they too will sign the petition which has over 800 signatures to date.



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