Endorsement from Damien Dempsey for WARN’s Campaign

I feel we Irish have a fairly unique place and history in Europe in that we were one of the very few European peoples that were colonised for centuries at the same time and by the same ruling classes as were the Africans, indigenous Americans, Aboriginals, Maoris, Indonesians, and Indians. We above all people in Europe should have an understanding of what it is to be hated and subjugated and be a refugee, but it’s easy for younger people and people unsure of their history to forget this.

We share a common experience with people from around the world of all creeds and colours therefore we have a duty to our people and children to remind and inform them of our own peoples struggle for equality should racism ever rear its ugly head within their hearts.

More power to the West Against Racism Network -the work they are doing is a vital step towards a healthy relationship between all the peoples of this island. The future of our island is multicultural and when we all embrace this fact with a community spirit we’ll be all the stronger and wiser and happier for it.

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