Fredrick Douglass Black Anti Slavery Campaigner

‘My motto is, “No union with the slave-holder”. (Cheers) Because, I believe there can be no union between light and darkness… I may be told, “judge not, that ye be not judged?” I admit the truth of this part of Scripture, but those who read it to me should read a little further, where it is said, “by their fruits ye shall know them”. (Cheers) I do not judge you when you cut me, if I cry out that you hurt me. (Hear) It is not judging the state of your soul, when I tell you that you have done me an injury. I know that, by injuring me, you are acting contrary to Christianity, and when you tell me that there are some Christian slave-holders in the States, I tell you as well may you talk of sober-drunkards. (Laughter) … there is no greater calamity than being the slave of a Christian slave-holder. (Hear) … A man becomes the more cruel the more the religious element is perverted in him … if they are women-whippers, cradle-plunderers, and man-stealers before their conversion, they are women-whippers, cradle-plunderers, and man stealers after it – (hear) – and that “religion” is to them but an additional stimulant to re-enact their atrocious deeds’


(Belfast Newsletter, 26 December 1845).